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Welcome to our website.

I hope you find the information provided both easy to understand and useful. It was designed to give you information about us so you can decide if our services are appropriate for you. Thanks for stopping by.

Gary L. Wright

Premier Life Planning &
Premier Wealth Management, LLC

 Two distinctively different companies with one common purpose…

to Preserve Dreams and Prevent Nightmares in your financial life.


Premier Life Planning addresses issues of providing safety and protection for your finances. Also, it is through Life planning that we help our clients reduce transfers of wealth in many areas of their financial life. (Preserving Dreams)

Lost opportunity cost, tax waste and inefficient methods of funding capital purchases are areas ignored by most financial professionals. Our focus in this area is what our clients say “makes us different”.  Creating private pensions and tax free income is our specialty.


Premier Wealth Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm specializing in strategic asset management. We are a fee-only firm and as an RIA, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act solely in your best interest. Our promise is to always provide advice and recommendations that are unbiased. We work 100% for our clients… not for a company and not for a brokerage firm.

Our investment management style is based on your life, aligning your finances with your vision and values. Our goal is to make your Dreams become reality while allowing you to devote more time and attention to what truly matters in your life, secure in the knowledge that your financial matters are addressed. (Preventing Nightmares)


We have embedded several informational videos for your convenience. These are all areas that we can provide advice or solutions to solve a possible need or problem. We welcome your opinion as to their quality and relevance.


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Social Security Maximization

Social Security is an important topic for nearly everybody. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of incorrect information circulating. Watch this video to see how you can maximize your Social Security benefits. Request your complimentary Social Security Maximization Report.

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