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Philosophy & Values


Our Philosophy is, “To always strive to exceed expectations in every area of our role as “trusted advisor”. Our promise is to: listen intently, research thoroughly, communicate clearly and recommend with confidence.”


Core Values



Because the nature of our business model is referral driven, we quickly become “friends” with our new clients, whom are usually friends with our current clients. You have an immediate sense of caring and responsibility when someone has trusted you enough to send their friends or family for advice and counsel.



Integrity is a trait that almost everyone claims, but is less evident in action than ever before. It is the highest compliment one professional can give another. As a Registered Investment Advisor, the law demands it, my professional certifications require it, and as a Kingdom Advisor, I am held to the very highest standard and proudly aspire to it. Integrity is also telling a client what they need to hear, not what they want to hear!



Objectivity requires intellectual honesty and impartiality. Objectivity allows us to be open minded in evaluating solutions to determine the best options that are likely to provide the most benefit to you.



As a Christian and member of Kingdom Advisors, I use biblical principles in my advisory practice. It is an integral part of my preparation and helps form my recommendations. No one has ever objected to me seeking divine wisdom.



While we are trained to know various subjects in financial management, things change. Therefore, I regularly attend seminars and conferences to increase my knowledge and ability to advise on the most current changes in finance as part of our commitment to learning and professional improvement.



The privacy of information is absolutely essential for our relationship. We will not share your personal and financial information with any person or entity without your explicit permission. Rigid guidelines for all communication combined with physical safeguards for your records ensure that your information is kept confidential